Our company possesses a high developed production lines by providing the latest international technologies with a large capacity (up to 100 tons per day ) we have a different packing sizes and weights ( 10g till 25kg ) we meet the needs of most the markets of the Arabian countries , Iraq and local market in Jordan , and the international market such as African Countries

The company has a factory for milk powder packing built on a land area of (15.000) square meters and consists factory of seven production lines, with the latest machines and technologies in the field of packaging , and the factory is provided with a system to generate nitrogen and to save coated materials and prolong the life of the product ,

And the factory enabled and automatic system with the latest global technology and there is a team full of all disciplines oversees the process of packing and packaging production and quality control

Our Vision

Because our goals are providing the best and the most suitable price for each one who chooses to deal with us , and the best  means the finest technical services based on scientific bases  by providing a capable stuff who can adapt the advanced technologies to meet customer needs with standard style.

Our Mission

Delta is the one of the most successful companies in packing because it has advanced technique; the company always strives to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of packaging and the follow –up all new and customized to create the fast –growing business environment to ensure the success of its customer and their business alike, we focused our abilities for customers.

On the internet , technical consulting and marketing campaigns , market development , supply and demand , using the most advanced tools available in this area to face all challenges of work , especially of what we see if high competition in the market these days.


Our Goal

We are  at delta industrial company put at the forefront of our concerns things does not mean a lot to many, but means success for us, and seeking always to serve our valued customers punctuality, reliability, and to provide the best price with the best quality of and the provision of advice and information useful to customers, before even walking to deal with them and try to provide the finest goods with global origin and known in the field of milk powder, and special premium services by the lowest possible cost.